Decorative Lawn Fence Systems

Decorative grass fence is a type of grass fence that is preferred quite often nowadays with its durable and robust structure. Our product, which consists of a combination of Grass and Fence, is known by the name of decorative grass fence.

Our decorative grass fence product, which is produced from artificial grass, gives a different appearance to the structure by creating decorative grass fence partitions in the interior and exterior sections of alternative spaces. Decorative grass fences made of special PVC material are applied by winding method on stainless galvanized wire.

Features of Decorative Lawn Fence

To sort out the decorative grass fence features, it is UV due to its artificial structure. We can define it as a non-fading, fireproof, non-shedding and non-perishable grass fence system. Decorative grass fence, which we can list these features as the biggest reasons for preference, is our own product.

Decorative Grass Fence Usage Areas

A product that can create the perception of individuals as natural grass grass fence decorative coating systems, athletic fields, playgrounds, terraces, gardens, the pool area, the cafeteria and the restaurant's garden part of the site and villas in landscaping, roadsides, walls, and siding is used. This product, which can be used in many unimaginable areas, is an element of decoration that the service sector does not avoid, especially since they want to make their customers feel the peace that green creates on the individual and be the preferred places of customers who want to experience this peace.

General Characteristics of Decorative Lawn Fence

Decorative grass fence is obtained by fringed UV protected PVC in the grass form of double wound wires with a thickness of 1.5 mm. PVC, density 1.5 g/cm3, with elongation at break in 5-8%, ranging from between 10 and 30 between the shock resistance, long-term studies 60 Celsius, short-term studies with a maximum operating temperature of 80 Celsius air humidity is low and whose coefficient of friction material. PVC, which carries all these characteristics, is used in decorative grass fence coating systems as a durable, lightweight, fire-resistant, long-lasting, economical, environmentally friendly material. Thus, a product with the properties provided by PVC emerges.

A feature of the double-wound wires with a 4*4 cm eye December used in the production of decorative lawn fence is that these wires are hot-dip galvanized. The hot-dip galvanizing method is carried out by immersing the wire in molten zinc. In this way, it is aimed to resist the corrosion of the metal wire and increase its resistance.

Decorative grass fences, the technical characteristics of which we are trying to summarize, are produced with ISO 9001 quality guarantee certificates. ISO 9001, which is mainly a control mechanism, aims to reduce, eliminate errors and defects, and prevent errors and defects that may occur. Thus, the production of high-quality products and services to meet customer needs is ensured.

Decorative grass fence, which is in a product group that attracts attention with its non-flammable, non-fading, non-Decaying, non-shedding, washable, paint-resistant structure, is applied in the form of panels in areas where there are no supporting elements, it can also be applied to wire mesh, wall surface, between poles as a supporting element.

While decorative grass fence is applied to the areas where the supporting element exists, decorative grass fences produced in rolls of 10 meters are mounted to the supporting element with suitable apparatuses of covering material. This portable application provides the user with the convenience of removing decorative grass fence coverings at any time.

Decorative grass fence coatings and panels are sometimes used as a grass fence, sometimes as a grass wall, and offer the opportunity to change the perception of life in the spaces where they are applied.

Decorative Grass Fence Details

Decorative grass fence is one of the types of fences. Since it has an element of nature such as grass, it also provides an aesthetic appearance to the area where it is used. Thanks to this feature, it is used quite often, especially in environmental regulations.

Although the grass used is artificial grass, it has been the center of attention in recent Decencies in parks, land, plots, home gardens or gardens belonging to any institution. The primary reason why decorative grass fence is preferred so much is that it has a very robust and durable structure and appropriate quantities have been determined regarding its prices.

Decorative grass fence does not require strenuous maintenance, so it is highly preferred in enterprises. Decorative grass fence does not want such maintenance, as it will cause a waste of time to constantly deal with the maintenance and cleaning of all kinds of systems used only for containment. It can be used without damage for at least 5 years. It is a much better form of decoration than ivy. Simplicity and eye fatigue are one of the features that make the product stand out. Decorative grass fence is resistant to bad weather conditions. When it rains or snows, it does not suffer any damage when it gets wet. The grass used in its production is the grass that stands on a stainless wire and is made of PVC material.

Decorative Grass Fence Usage Areas
Parks and gardens
Villas and their surroundings
Industrial zones
Environmental regulation
Sports complexes
Pool facades

Decorative grass fence can be used in many areas with its durability and aesthetic appearance. Decorative grass fence, which is Decently preferred especially outdoors, can be applied as a roll between an existing wire mesh, wall surface, poles, and can be applied as a panel in areas where there are no supporting elements.

Experts in the field, reliable and customer-oriented service approach Trabzon with wire mesh fence, manufacturing continues to serve you with sports fields.

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