CARGO Trabzon Wire Knitting and Fence Website, as the products you buy online or by phone are rough and bulky materials in size, so deliveries are made through CARGO or SHIPMENT WAREHOUSES.
a) The products you have purchased will be notified to you by a confirmation e-mail.
b) You will be informed about the dispatch of your shipment with the CARGO or SHIPMENT WAREHOUSE and the contact numbers of them and the phone number of the driver.
c) When the products are delivered to you, make the necessary checks and receive them. After the cargo or shipping warehouse is delivered, they will be deemed to have completed their cargo or shipping warehouse duties and the products will be deemed to have been delivered in full and intact.
DELIVERY When will my order be shipped?
Your order, made online or by phone, on the Trabzon Tel Örme ve Fence website is delivered to the cargo or shipping warehouse within 1-7 working days. Trabzon Tel Örme ve Fence can deliver online or telephone orders to the shipping warehouse or cargo within 3 days. For orders with a delivery time exceeding 3 days, our Customer Services will inform you by phone or e-mail. How can I track my order?
You can track the status of your package from the "My Orders" field in MY ACCOUNT with the relevant cargo tracking number. Orders are delivered to the address within 2 days outside of Istanbul on the same day within Istanbul. In case the buyer is not at the address, delivery can be made to his first degree relative after checking the identity information.

Do you want to change the address of your order?
You can change the address while your order is in the "Preparing" status. To change address, you can call 0 462 240 0 240 – 0532 423 1610 – 0544 580 3040 and send an e-mail to e-mail address. Unfortunately, address changes cannot be made for orders delivered to cargo or shipping warehouse. What if I can't be home to pick up my order?
Since deliveries are paid, you will be informed by e-mail or telephone before your products depart. However, if you are not at your address, your order will be returned to our company. The second "delivery payment" will be collected from you by cash or credit card at the time of delivery, in line with the delivery date.