The classic panel fence system, which can be used in harmony, offers decorative and safe solutions to all projects.


the classic panel fence system, in which panels of all heights can be used in harmony thanks to the 150x50mm eye December and symmetrical structure, offers decorative and safe solutions to all projects.

Easy Assembly

The classic, which can be easily used with all Clamp systems, can be easily applied in all kinds of ground conditions.

Panel System

the classic panels, which are produced with a width of 250 cm and 6 separate heights, offer decorative solutions with high corrosion resistance thanks to their polyester coating over galvanized. Thanks to its different and special design, panels with different heights can be used in harmony with each other.

Color Options

Thanks to the polyester coating technology over galvanized, RAL 6005 can be produced in all Ral colors in Green, Black and White in the Classic Panel System that does not require maintenance.

Coating Technique

The classic panels produced from galvanized wire are coated with Polyester-based paint after special matting application and made extremely resistant to corrosion. Thanks to the production technology of classic panels, maintenance-free and suitable solutions are provided for every project.

Profile and Connection System

Classical Panels are connected to profiles measuring 50x50x1.5mm with a special clamp system that fully wraps the profile, resulting in rigid and robust solutions. Thanks to this system, which can be used in all kinds of floor applications, high strength and decorative solutions are obtained.

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